Oral and poster awards

The Judging Committee of the STI & HIV 2019 World Congress is pleased to announce the winners in the following categories:

Oral Presentation Prizes

First Prize Oral Presentation
Charlotte Peters, South Limburg Public Health Services, The Netherlands
Reaching home-based female sex workers with preventive sexual health care services in The Netherlands

First Prize Oral Presentation – Young Investigator
Karen Lithgow, University of Victoria, Canada
Basic science aids syphilis vaccine development: Bloodstream spreading by the syphilis spirochete Treponema pallidum

Highly Commended Oral Presentation
Jennifer Edwards, The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and The Ohio State University, USA
Targeting complement receptor 3 on primary human cervical cells has the potential to cure Neisseria gonorrhoeae infection

Highly Commended Oral Presentation – Young Investigator
Liza Coyer, Public Health Service of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Frequency and determinants of switching between daily or event-driven PrEP and discontinuing each regimen in Amsterdam MSM

Poster Prizes

First Prize Poster
P 088
T. Shafii, *S. Thomas-Smith*, M. Bradford, E. Klein, L. Richardson, C. McCarty, T. Shafii; Seattle, WA/United States of America
Using electronic screening and feedback with adolescents to decrease sexual health risks in the emergency department

First Prize Poster – Young Investigator
*E. Plummer*1, L. Vodstrcil1, G. Murray2, C. Fairley1, J. Danielewski2, S. Garland2, E. Chow1, D. Bulach1, K. Fethers1, J. Hocking2, C. Bradshaw1; 1Carlton, VIC/Australia, 2Parkville, VIC/Australia
Gardnerella vaginalis clade distribution is associated with behaviours and Nugent score in women who have sex with women

Highly Commended Poster
P 588
*J. Balkus*1, S. Proll1, J. Holm2, S. Srinivasan3, D. Dinwiddie4, L. Van Der Pol5, N. Hoffman1, E. Lefkowitz5, J. Hughes1, B. Van Der Pol5, C. Wheeler4, A. Wald1, J. Marrazzo5, J. Ravel2, D. Fredricks3; 1Seattle, WA/United States of America, 2Baltimore, MD/United States of America, 3Seattle/United States of America, 4Albuquerque/United States of America, 5Birmingham, AL/United States of America
A multi-site comparative study to understand sources of variability in studies of the vaginal microbiota

Highly Commended Poster – Young Investigator
*M. Reitsema*1, A.J. Van Hoek1, M. Xiridou1, J. Wallinga1, B. Van Benthem1, A. Van Sighem2, M. Schim Van Der Loeff2, M. Prins2, E. Hoornenborg2; 1Bilthoven/Netherlands, 2Amsterdam/Netherlands
Cost-effectiveness of pre-exposure prophylaxis in MSM with event-driven and daily regimens

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